Interdisciplinary Approach




The work in team is everything, but it is necessary to abdicate of personal vanities in goal of the group, it is necessary to know and to respect the intersection of groups, that is to say, of the space of each integral one, of its rights and duties.
To arrive to form a multidisciplinary team is the first step, but of anything it would be ahead each member it acted in an individual way, without if it worried with the whole.

The ideal is the formation of a  interdisciplinary group, with each professional being in charge of its area specifies, but also worrying than it is happening parallelly, so that the treatment it is global and integrative, where it is fundamental the change of information.
It is necessary the including initial evaluation, with the so many professionals' involvement as necessary.
The treatment therapy will be traced, as well as the alternatives and also the accomplishment of periodic meetings to evaluate the evolution.
To participate in courses of updating professional
is important for our pretenses.

With objectives, ideals and similar thoughts in the beginning of 2000, several professionals joined with the object of organizing a studies group, it was born like this the Nucleus Interdisciplinary of Research and Treatment of Wounds, of multcentric characteristic and an cybernetic base.
It is an interactive, dynamic and constant nucleus, with having proposed simple and ambitious.
We waited that with the auspices of the new millennium we can strengthen our objectives more and more, that is to say, to improve the life quality of those that we attended. 

In the work developed by a team interdisciplinary, the ideal would be an initial evaluation with the medical or nursing that then would determine the type of treatment of the wound and they could request the other professionals' intervention when convenient.


It Consults the Feridologo's Book - 2006
Santos - São Paulo - Brazil.


-  Physician
-  Nurse
- Physiotherapist 
- Occupational Therapist 
- Podologous 
- Technician Orthesis & 
- Nutritionist 
- Psychologist 
- Pharmacist 
- Microbiologist 
- Social Worker
- Biochemical
- Biologist 
- Bio-engineer
- Agricultural Engineer
- Medical Veterinarian
- Dentist
- Journalist 
- Patient 
- Family


Ethical Aspectc of the
Treatment of Wounds

Psicologic Aspects of
the Treatment of Wounds