Ethical Aspects in the Treatment of Wounds



All the professional activities are dictated by ethical beginnings and you live. They exist laws generic and specific that determine them in way to avoid mistakes ethical-professionals.

A form of to avoid or to minimize the mistakes of conduct is the work in team.

To divide the tasks and responsibilities is a conduct to be taken.

It is good to point out the excellent results of the work multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, mainly in the treatment of the wounds.


Inexperience is execution of a function without the full capacity for such.

It is to make a mistake for knowledge lack or ability. As example, an academic or not enabled professional that it accomplishes the procedure of the healing in an inadequate way.

To avoid it a good academic formation it should be sought, where they will be taught precepts that should increase the interest, stimulating the reasoning.


Imprudence is the mistake attacked with knowledge of the rules and not executed the perfection.

Taking the previous example is as if the professional mixture insisted on accomplishing a healing in an inadequate way. Or still, case went a student, unaccompanied of its instructor, it executed the healing mistakenly.

The mistake here is in not having requested aid, since he is in training. The good sense is preponderant.



Ethical Aspectc of the
Treatment of Wounds

Psicologic Aspects of
the Treatment of Wounds

Interdisciplinary Approach



Negligence is may considered the most serious of the three.

It is the mistake attacked consciously. It is the equivalent of knowing as it should be done and, without the existence of any impediment factor, not to do it. It would be as if somebody paymaster treated the patient in an incorrect way.



It Consults the Feridologo's Book - 2006
Santos - So Paulo - Brazil.