What's Feridologo?



*Feridologo is that that is in charge of of studies, researches and treatments of wounds. 

Feridologo is that that "sees" besides the wound, worrying of the patient as a whole, holisticamente, of the body and of the soul. 

Feridologo is not omnipotent, it is not arrested to precepts, it believes that the treatment of wounds should have interdisciplinary approach, because he believes that exists specific knowledge of each area where professional paymasters can increase other productive concepts.

Feridologo is that that I gathered several knowledge and experiences, they are disposed in to share them and to acquire new methodology.

Feridologo is that that respects the wound, that knows the healing physiopatology, that knows which are the factors that can delay it and those that accelerate it. 

Is Feridologo that what he cares with the one what? with which? and with the how? WHAT means to accomplish the correct diagnosis, through the appropriate anamnese. WHICH means to identify the period evolutionary cicatricial, because to determine it is fundamental in the choice of the treatment. HOW means to know to treat the wound in an ideal way, according to the means and available resources, in agreement with the patient's socioeconomic factors and of the attendance service.

Feridologo is that that doesn't worry in using only the pre-defined and pre-certain treatment propositions, but yes that that looks for new solutions and alternative methods, knowing how to create and to improvise a way that can be as much resolutive as effective, trying to decrease the divário of the factor cost x benefit. Feridologo is that that worries, besides the "closing" of the wound, with the establishment of the functional activity of the traumatized area.

Feridologo is that that knows how to respect the patient, that conquers its trust, that involves it, making it to participate actively of its own treatment, showing to him that its collaboration is of real importance.

Feridologo is that that arrested by the ethical and transparent work. 

Feridologo is that that uses the good sense to overcome the obstacles, transposing the barrier directly or, when convenient, rotating around her. 

Feridologo believes in could improve the quality of its patients' life offering them treatment, attention and the best of itself!

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